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Valentines Day, the day of love, Romantics Day!

Jackie (23) Tanawat (25) together 5 years. “We actually met through instagram!” (Jodia was told that is was Jackie who pursued Tanawat) “Jackie’s sprit animal would be a wombat, because she is very chill but when she wants to do something she won’t let anything get in her way .” “I would have to say i admire Tanawat’s sense of humour, creativity and his cooking!” “We think it's important to take care of yourself first before you can take care and love someone else”.
Liza (36) Bruce (44) together 11 years. “I was so nervous when we met I new there was some strong emotional vibes coming right away. She absorbed all the energy in that crazy room and pushed it out 10 fold without saying a word.” “Our favourite way to spend time together has changed throughout the years. It use to be helping to raise his son and spending time together as a family but now that his son is grown up, so we’ve had to get back to us. Right now it’s ordering takeaway, turning our phones off and watching movies”. “The first thing that comes to mind is a Velociraptor, he’s warm blooded, likes the outdoors and is fast on his feet”. “Being romantic is more than just candles, flowers, cards etc. Being romantic is a glance from across a room filled with 100 people, the look when the eyes meet and you can telepathically say I love you”. “The best advice about love I have ever received was from my mother. She said ‘never forget to go out of the house and have fun with your partner’. The best advice I'd give, laugh together and be interested in the other person needs”.
Liz (30) Maddy (27) together 3 years. “I admire how generous Liz is with her knowledge, she’s extremely loyal, patient and loving”. “I love Maddy’s drive and determination, her endless love family and friends and ability to see positives in every situation and make the people around her see them too”. “I’m going to go ahead and say that our favourite way to spend time together is when we go out to eat because that’s when i’m the happiest and i think that makes Liz pretty happy”. “I feel like this might get me in trouble. But have you ever seen a squirrel find some food? That’s Maddy’s spirit animal”. “All relationships take work. Family, friends, communication, respect, growth. Adventure and Humor. These are the things we truly value in our relationship.”
Tara (29) Matt (32) together 5 or 6 years (can’t quite remember, what’s a year right?!) “We met through mutual friends. We would run into each other all the time at parties and events. It wasn’t until this one particular party though where Matt was Djing. I got the courage (thanks alcohol) to awkwardly ask him to teach me how to DJ ~ cringe”. “I loved Tara’s confidence from the first time we met, I’ve never met someone who can light up a room like her”. “My favourite time together is in all the little moments. Like a Tuesday night after a long day of work, just sitting down to eat dinner together, those are the times I really appreciate”. “Matt has a calm nature about him, he’s super supportive of everything i do and he even lets me be the big spoon”. “Matt’s spirit animal would be an Owl. He’s super smart and a little mysterious”. “I think Tara would be a Meerkat, she’s so energetic and very social”.
Adinda (20) Andrew (20) Born 1 day aparttogether 2 years. “I thought Andrew was so cute. He’s such a gentlemen and so kind, i knew i wanted to keep him in my life ever since we met. There was one point at lunch one day where he started to sing and i’ve had a crush on him since”. “The things i admire most about Andrew is his confidence and care. No matter what, Andrew will always stand up for his friends and family. I love his persistent to make me smile and make sure we have a great time whatever we do. Andrew has a way to brighten every situation up.” “What i admire about Adinda are that she is incredibly caring and loving. She always has the best intentions whether it be in regard to family, friends or our relationship and I love her for that.”
Jana (29) Pablo (36) together 3 years. “Pablo got my number off a friend and pretended to be answering a gumtree ad about a waterbed. I thought he would be fun to have dinner with but then we actually had heaps in common and talked all night”. “Chaco Teo! Haha it’s play wrestling in Spanish! We also love watching movies and eating ramen together”. “The best advice we can offer is to find love in everyday things. Go with the flow, don’t force things”.


Welcome to SYDNEYLAND February Edition

The Essential Journal Issue 27

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