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One of the things we love about Sydney is that there is an adventure waiting for you just around the corner. Our friends Saxon Shing and Elaina De Smuszko have documented their travels  for you to follow via their blog Due East.

Through their blog they help bring awareness to Sydney’s surroundings. Based in Sydney Australia their aim is to travel within a half day radius to uncover hidden gems that nature has to offer. From rain forests and mountains to coastline and hidden beaches, they hope to encourage others to venture out in their spare time to get in touch with their inner explorer for the day.

Little Marley Track

The day started off as all good adventures do, packing up the car with plenty of essential items.  Lots of fresh fruit, water, sunscreen, two cameras (as a rule of thumb always have a backup), and a light sarong. I know a sarong isn’t your typical bushwalking adventure garb but these things are handy with a capital H.  A sarong is perfect for a make shift change room, head scarf, towel, pillow, the list goes on. There’s a thousand and one uses for a sarong and I reckon I’ve been tried and tested all of them.

Driving South from Sydney turn at the Bundeena sign off the highway, follow it all through the vast dry bushland ‘till you reach the small township. Starting off in suburbia, there are marine park signs, walkers trails, and the iconic ‘how much you can bag?’ fishing charts.

Follow the road and take the first left to reveal a sandy track.

Little Marley is a dream, with a jaw dropping coastline, clear blue ocean in every shade of blue and turquoise, and rock shelves and caves to explore.

The first thing that caught our attention is that the coast line is made up of a mix of sandstone and limestone and the sand actually sparkles in the sunshine like a million tiny stars. The second thing was the open expanse of endless blue ocean… I won’t go into detail- it’s yours to discover.

The walk along Little Marley track has many stops offs and vantage points including a sheer cut through a piece of sandstone known affectionately as ‘Wedding Cake Cliff’, a marzipan dream that collects souls of backpackers and tourists with selfie sticks defying gravity.  If you’re lucky enough to be there at a golden hour you will be all alone and you can get that perfect shot.  It is a place where you feel as if you are one with the universe and Mother Nature.  Wait for it, it will be worth it we promise.

After Wedding Cake Cliff its ‘choose your own adventure’. How far down do you want to go with the arid dry Aussie flora?  It’s tempting to stop and turn back, but push on, you must.

The ground is a mixture of sand and gravel along the coastline and Little Marley an intermediate walk. Tie your boots up tight to prevent any rolled ankles.

Native swallows plunge and dive in the valleys and if you stand still for long enough you might get a clear shot.  These enchanted little birds duck and dive so quickly with a blink of the eye. It’s unbelievable that these native guys aren’t natural pilots.

Little Marley track finishes where you want it to, it’s a ‘choose your own adventure’. If you persist (and you should), it opens up to desert sand dunes where Saudi Arabia meets the sea. The rock shelf in Bundeena houses a plethora of eco systems so be careful stepping on the kungi and through the rock pools there’s bound to be a little creatures doing their best to stay camouflaged.

Little Marley is a breath of fresh air an hour out of Sydney give or take. It opens up your mind to what’s laying at your backdoor. The richness of our land the captivating beauty of Mother Nature showing all her glory and everything in between.

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