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What is your name & instagram handle?
Gianna Christella Hayes // @Hazey___

What’s your hustle?
My side hustles help pay my bills to help achieve my main hustle which is shifting and influencing a diverse range of individuals for the greater good through art and creativity.

What is your idea of success?
Success to me is being lost in this realm but trusting and nurturing every stage of your growth… knowing you will reach a space of comfort and fulfilment through the interactions and stages of your life path. Also, making mistakes and learning from them! that’s how we flourish.

What’s your favourite movie, TV show, song or book (pick 1)?
My favourite tv show is a cartoon from when I was youngster called The Proud Family. This show reminded me of my family so much! Also, Solange + Destiny child sung the theme song.

What’s your guilty pleasure song?
Sensual Seduction by snoop dog – I’ve never seen snoop look so fly w/ his fro and 70’s metallic suit!

What’s your go-to mid-week meal?
Cheesecake makes everything better.

What is the most romantic thing someone has ever done for you?
When my partner joined me in self-care sunday. Face masks + meditation!

What does being a romantic mean to you?
Truly caring for another being.

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