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We’re blessed to live in a city that allows for many different lifestyle choices. We design and produce items of clothing suitable for everyday wear. Lightweight, comfortable and versatile in use, these garments help you adapt to the changing environments and activities of a busy day. We marry original artwork with silhouettes and fabrics suitable for happy people on the move: traveler’s, doers, makers, urban people with a sense of adventure.

We’re invested in producing at home because it allows us to surround ourselves with the people who inspire our work.  While designed and produced in Sydney, the term ‘Australian Made’ not only refers to the location of our factory, but the people responsible for bringing our ideas to life. We’ve built this website with the purpose of  providing a platform for a community of  friends to share their daily experience in Sydney with you. These are  people who come from many parts of the world and now call Sydney home – who enrich our city with their many cultures and diverse creative talents.

We strive to be a brand that promotes inclusivity over exclusivity, the appreciation of creativity and imagination and how it contributes to improving our way of life. Most of all, we are committed to finding ways of  being happy with who we are and what we do. What we believe as a brand is that to master happiness takes time – that finding real happiness may require you to risk greatly in pursuit of what you love. To us, this is a Romantic.

You are what you love.